• Gender: male
  • Birthdate: 08.04.2022
  • Origin: Austrian animal protection organization
  • Related to: Inaya
  • In pack with: Inaya



Kiano is a black puppy with some white markings on his chest, nose and paws. His fur is soft as velvet, especially on the ears. Kiano has already grown quite a bit since he’s been with us. While he probably won't grow as big as his pal Kovu, Kiano certainly won't be small once he's fully grown.


For puppy standards, Kiano is deeply relaxed. He often just sits around quietly and relaxed and looks at you. Of course, the fluffy black puppy can also really get into it when he plays with his siblings or Kovu and Youma. His barking is also notorious, because if he doesn’t like something, he can announce it very loudly.

The little black male already enjoys the first shorter training sessions and walks around in the park, preferably in the company of another four-legged friend. As far as other dogs are concerned, Kiano is extremely socially competent and popular. He gets along well with everyone and many adult dogs are hopelessly addicted to the sweet, fluffy puppy, such as Panya, with whom he will later live in a pack.


I would like to become a foster parent or friend of Kiano: