• Gender: male
  • Birthdate: 08.04.2022
  • Origin: Austrian animal protection organization
  • Related to: Inaya
  • In pack with: Inaya



Kiano is a black dog with some white markings on his chest, nose and paws. His fur is long and soft as velvet, especially on the ears. In comparison to his sister Inaya, with whom he lives, he is much bigger. He's always testing our patience.


For his young age, Kiano is deeply relaxed. Nothing can faze him that easily. Calm and even-tempered, he often just sits there and looks at you. Sometimes we have a hard time getting him moving again once he's sat down. He's always testing our patience. Of course, the fluffy black dog can also get really excited when he plays with his sister Inaya or wants to go hunting while we are on a walk.

His barking is also notorious, because if he doesn't like something or something doesn't go fast enough, he can announce this very loudly. His barking is very loud and sharp, so that you can clearly assign it to him even from a distance.

Kiano is always up for training, but he even prefers to just be cuddled. He is very excited at first, but can calm down and enjoy himself very quickly. He immediately rolls onto his back and has a good time. He is often relaxed on walks, except when he and Inaya have a deer track in their noses.

Kiano is very social and gets along well with most of the other dogs. He is also always very friendly and bright with people. He is happy about every new intern who lovingly takes care of him or visitors who come to see him.


I would like to become a foster parent or friend of Kiano: