Everybody's darling

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 7. April 2012
  • Origin: Minnesota Wildlife Connection, USA
  • Related to: Una
  • In pack with: Tala


... appearance

Chitto is one of the tallest wolves of the wolf science center. His special characteristics are his shiny blue eyes. This very untypical color makes him very easy to distinguish from the other wolves. Beside this, his blue eyes are surrounded by beautiful black eyelashes, which could allow him to work as a model for eye pencils. His coat is mostly light grey-brown with a few darker marks. With age, his coat gets lighter and lighter. Thanks to modern veterinary medicine, he has a silver canine in his upper jaw.

... character

Chitto is an adorable and very friendly wolf who knows how to use his charm in interactions with humans as well as with wolves. His intelligence combined with his winning sweetness mostly lets him get what he wants. With his tender soul he is not really a leader personality. Often he is a little whiny when humans visit him in the enclosure or when he has to pass the other wolf packs on a leash walk. Some pieces of meat, however, help him to overcome the exciting situation of passing the other enclosures.

In general he is very open to humans and not shy at all. For a wolf, it is comparably easy to gain his trust, also for new trainers. He likes to participate in scientific tests but he is not in danger to overwork. Especially when he is not particularly hungry, he sometimes refuses to work at all. In this case, he does not bother to let a trainer all alone for a visitor presentation. Without any feeling of guilt he then relaxes in the shade instead of showing his skills to the visitors. He loves living with Tala and has no problems with her being the boss. He knows exactly how to render homage to her so that she feels appreciated and treasured.

... in puppy age

When he was a puppy, Chitto was a curious bragger who put up a big front to hide his mellow heart.  He loved playing and wrestling with his puppy pack members. His sister Una was his favorite playmate at the time and he also enjoyed teasing Wamblee. However, he also liked to stay out of the wild puppy games and lie besides instead. Hand raisers were greeted with overwhelming joy and a lot of wolf kisses. Sometimes trainer noses were in danger due to his enthusiastic greeting. With strangers he was more reserved in the beginning but cooperated nicely when food was involved in the training.