Tours for companies/large groups


This visitor program is currently available only in German

For large groups/companies we offer tours with the focus on the biology of wolves and dogs, and our work at the WSC. 
We are open to adapt the content of the tour to the knowledge and special interest of the visitors. 
Either at the beginning or the end of the tour, you can watch e.g. a short training session of our wolves or a feeding of a wolf pack. 
For groups with more than 30 people, the booking of two parallel tours is necessary. 
IMPORTANT: Please check the opening hours of the wildpark Ernstbrunn! You can book a tour on days where the wildpark is closed. However, you cannot enter the wildpark before your tour starts! After the tour, you can stay longer in the wildpark. 
If you have further questions, please contact us via email:


€ 200,00 flat rate for up to 20 people

€    10,00 for each additional person

Days & times: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 11am - 12.30pm or 2pm - 3.30pm



In general, the payment is in cash on-site. However, if you wish an invoice, please let us know. Please note, that the Wildpark entrance fee has to be paid additionally.

For this event you can inquire a date. Please fill out and send the attached form.

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