advanced tour

Fascination with the wolf - learn more about these special animals!


We offer this advanced tour to especially interested people, who are keen to learn more about wolves and our work at the WSC.

You can choose between two different main topics: 

Advanced tour STANDARD: here you will receive a general impression of our wolves, the handraising of our pups and the work at the WSC.

Advanced tour FOCUS: this tour emphasizes our scientific and behavioural research and the training of the wolves to have them participate in our research.

The tour is guided by one of our animal trainers who will show you around and give you a short presentation with one of our wolves where you can see how we train our wolves and how we interact with them.

This program includes no direct contact with the animals.

ATTENTION: Please check the opening hours of the Wildpark Ernstbrunn! You can book tours on days, where the wildpark is closed. However, you cannot visit the park BEFORE your tour starts. Afterwards you can stay longer in the park.

All dates until end of June are fully booked! Mid April, the new dates for July-December 2020 will be released.


€ 140,00 Flat rate for 1-5 people

€   25,00 for each additional person

Please note, that the Wildpark entrance fee has to be paid additionally. The payment is in cash on-site.

Duration: 2 hours

Max. number of participants: 15


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