Puppy development seminar

In the best company of our puppies, learn how a puppy grows into an adult dog!

Photo credit: © Peter Kaut 


This 1-day seminar (held in German) is about the development of the dog, from small puppies to adult dogs to seniors on four paws. This development process, also called ontogenesis, is divided into different stages or phases, which you will work on together with our animal trainers in the seminar.

But don't be afraid of grey theory! For a total of one hour (2x 30 minutes) we will visit our puppies in the enclosure and observe them playing and interacting with each other and with us humans.

The seminar is suitable for people who are enthusiastic about dogs and from the age of 16 years.

During this program, direct contact is only possible with our dog puppies, not with our wolves! 

Please remember to wear weatherproof clothing and sturdy shoes! Observance of the safety rules and dress code are required for the participation on this event.

  • Start/Duration: 9am - 5pm (1 hour lunch break)
  • Max. Number of participants: 10
  • Costs: 350€ per person