Domestication: from wolf to dog


This one-day seminar will be held mainly in German

The founders and scientists of the Wolf Science Center will present a unique one-day event in which they will present the sometimes surprising discoveries about how wolves and dogs differ.

Scientists will take participants on a journey starting from the latest discoveries from archeology and genetics regarding when, where and how wolves started to become dogs. The main part of the day will then be dedicated to discussing studies conducted at the WSC looking at how similar and different wolves and dogs are when interacting with each other and with humans.

The presentations will include many videos and a few live demonstrations of our wolves and dogs carrying out some of our experiments, and there will be ample space for questions and discussions.

During the seminar there is no direct contact to the wolves and dogs. 


Talks held by: 

Associate Prof. Dr. Friederike Range

Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal 

Dr. Zsofia Viranyi 

Gwen Wirobski, MSc


Seminar schedule:



  • “An introduction to wolves and dogs”
  • Live demonstration (our dogs and wolves at work - Part I)
  • “When and where did domestication occur”

Lunch break


  • Wolf Science Centre studies: “The social life of wolves and dogs: how they bond, argue, cooperate, make peace and talk to each other”
  • Live demonstration (our dogs and wolves at work - Part II)
  • Wolf Science Centre studies: “Living with humans: how dogs and wolves understand, communicate, cooperate and argue with us”


All dates until end of June are fully booked! Mid April, the new dates for July-December 2020 will be released.

Costs: € 260,00/participant

Date & Time: 9th of May 2020 (9.00am - 5.00pm)

Minimum number of participants: 7

Maximum number of participants: 15



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