Communication Wolf – dog – human

How wolves and dogs communicate with each other and us


This one-day seminar will be held only in German!

It is aimed at dog trainers or dog owners who want to expand their knowledge about the communication of wolves and dogs.

The seminar focuses on the communication of dogs and wolves among each other and between humans and dogs/wolves. The theoretical basics will be elaborated with the help of videos. Practical exercises will help to train observational skills - a crucial tool for working with dogs. Also, the domestication plays an important role and you can observe our trainers working with our wolves & dogs. Furthermore, the influence of human body language on dogs is also a topic.

During the seminar there is no direct contact to the wolves and dogs. 

All dates until end of June are fully booked! Mid April, the new dates for July-December 2020 will be released.

Costs: € 260,00 per person

Date: 17th of May 2020, 9.00am - 5.00pm

Minimum number of participants: 7

Maximum number of participants: 12




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