theme evening

On the trail of myths, legends and fairytales about the wolf!

This special evening with our wolves will stay in your memory for a long time.

Let our animal trainers take you into the fascinating world of myths, legends, and fairytales about the wolf. Revered or feared – wolves have been fascinating humans for thousands of years.

Our "legendary" tour starts at the entrance of the game park and leads us along the wolf enclosures. We will dive into spooky but also glorifying descriptions of wolves in myths and legends from all over the world. Learn what is behind the horror stories of werewolves, if wolves actually howl to the moon, and why the wolf is the bad guy in so many fairytales, for example in Little Red Riding Hood.

After the tour, there will be a live presentation of a training with our wolves. Here you can see the trusting cooperation between our animals and their animal trainers at a close range. During the presentation, you are provided with drinks and cookies.

This event is also suitable for families with children from age 10 onwards. Please do not forget rainproof clothing and sturdy shoes!

This program includes no direct contact with the animals.

  • Start: 17:00 (Exeption 16.12.2022 starts at 16:00)
  • Costs: 38€/ adult, 20€/ child (6-16 years old)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Max. number of participants: 60 (30 per group)