„Goodies“ and nerds

By training the animals are taught the commands. Depending on the daily condition of the animals and the trainer you need about 3 - 30 runs until it works. We start playfully to train "Sit, Down, Turn"  with our only few weeks old puppies. The older the animals grow, the more commands are added to the daily training.

To have the commands sank in and the animals are versed in executing them, we train every day. Its fun for the animals to be challenged and working together binds trainer and animal together.

The animals learn at different speeds, some ones giv e more for cheese, other ones for sausage.  Some test out the patience of the trainer, other ones even don't want to stop!

The training is used

  • as basic precondition for a lot of our scientific tasks,
  • to be exanined and treated by our veterinarian without anaesthesia,
  • to allow walks,
  • for demonstrations (e.g. at Howl-Nights).