Or: Reading the newspapier by nose

We try to walk each animal at least once a week. Thereby we stroll throughout the terrain of the wildpark, where a lot can be seen and smelled. To come along Visitors can subscribe these wolf walks

From an early age our animals learn to walk on a leash. Most of the dogs and the wolves are easíly walking on the leash and cooperate with the decisions concerning the change of direction with the humans at the other end of the leash, so these ones also can enjoy the walk.

During the walk the  different Commands are used and eventually also spontaneous howling performances by the wolves can occur. The animals enjoy the variation,  the training, the different  surroundings, and often also the strange companions. The walks contribute significantly to keep our animals curious and adventurous.

All sort of things happen during the walk: the dog or the wolf is called out of the pack, most often by the „Shifting“-system. Normally they know already what's coming and are eager to have attached the collar with the leash hanging on it. 

Withouth pulling the wolf shall run past the enclosures of his friends, ignore barking dogs (most lf the wolves are quite good at that, dogs less) and besides all stay concentrated on the trainer, what will be treated with "goodies".

It is esspecially remarkable, that even potential preys (sheeps, wild boars, deer,chamois, etc.) is ignored.