Or: How to get out only one, though all want to come

The wolves and dogs are daily got out of their packs. Then we can work individually with one of them, either for research tasks, training or walks.

To reach this, we established a routine–situation called „Shifting“ .This technique allows us: 

to bring single animals in respectively out of their pack or enclosure,

to avoid unnecessary aggressions among the members of the pack (for everyone wants to take part),

not to use an unneeded quantity of feed.

The enclosure, where the animals live in, are equipped with a joining tunnelsystem, which is divided into segments by sliding-doors.

The  Shifting is performed by two persons: One calls for the animal, which is to be got out, by its name, so that it comes to the tunnelsystem. The other person calls the remaining pack to an other place (mor apart) and treats the animals with food.

As soon as the "target-individual" has entered the tunnelsystem it will be brought through the tunnel segments to the requested place and gets its reward.

To bring the animal back again, the same method is used: one person calls the remaining pack apart, the other one lets the animal into the enclosure again.