Pack visits

Or: Sit-in in the living room of the wolves

Visiting a pack, also called „Pack visit“,a group of humans visits the wolves or dogs in their enclosures. We from the WSC make a visit once a week. This is the chance to enforce our social relationships with the animals. It is the possibility for the animals to be stroked (a lot of our animals enjoy canoodling units like many a lap dog.), to get new impressions, to work a bit and thus earn a goodie. In workshops and foto-shootings also strange persons come with us to the packs. The animals learn to overcome their shyness ( the command „touch) and to approach strangers in a friendly manner.

During such visits we try to satisfy the animals by different tasks. Some of the animals love to scatter little pecks (kisses), other ones jumpf onto the roof of their shelter posing for the camera.

We humans stay during these pack-visits in the enclosures only at certain "public places". The  zones for withdrawel remain taboo, there at most hand-raisers are permitted. At our home we welcome visitors also in the living-room and not in the bed-room.