• Shifting

    Or: How to get out only one, though all want to come
    Zwei Trainer stehen am Zaun des Wolfgeheges.

    Shifting is an important, work facilitating system to quickla relocate the animals from one enclosure to the other or to get them into the testing building.

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  • Walk

    Or: Reading the newspapier by nose

    A trip outside the enclosures! New scents, meeting dear friends, barking at stupid rivals or to wallow in the old silo .... a dream. That's what we want to offer each of our animals. With the wolves also visitors can come along, to further enhance "going walkies".

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  • Pack visits

    Or: Sit-in in the living room of the wolves
    Mitarbeiter und Praktikanten besuchen das Hunderudel.

    A horde of humans comes running into the enclosure. New scents, well-known faces, the animals make demonstrations to show they know to do! There are several different reasons for us to go to the packs, for the animals it's always exciting.

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  • Enrichment

    Or: Thrill, play and surprise

    Unknown scents and tastes or well hidden treats - there's no room for dullness.

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