Raising & Training

Developing a partnership

How can one work with wolves without coming into conflict with the animals, especially around the „alpha“-position in the pack. And how will wolves become partners in science?  Giving all their best as co-operators  in scientific trials and the concerted activities with us – not reluctant but willingly  and in a joyous way. These are two important questions we are engaged with, first for safety reasons and the welfare of our animals but also for getting valid results. One important precondition is the way of upbringing, the second regular training.

Perhaps it seems to be presumptuous, but we try to familiarize our wolves and dogs with the idea of being partners. A basic principle is to avoid any kind of conflict from the very beginning and to communicate simply the joy in working together to our animals. Right from the start our wolves and dogs undergo daily training – they learn command like “sit, down, paw”, to be touched all over and to walk on a leash. In favour of this they get “goodies”(treats) and the chance to see other environments than their own “four walls” of the enclosure. That way they develop a general disposition for cooperation – on one hand with us humans and on the other hand among themselves.

Of course there is also social attention and hand-raised wolves love to canoodle (as well as we like it :)). And there is nothing to be against. Never ever we dominate our animals, take something away from them or put pressure on them. They also know that in pack-intern clashes we never would take one’s part. We are cooperating partners and friends, but never members of the pack. This discrimination and distance keeps us able to work and provides our safety.

Training and exercises promote the two-way respect and particularly the faith between the animals and us. Working together and experience with each other forms a strong bond! That’s true for our relationship to pet-dogs as well. In addition to the exercises wolves and dogs undergo periodical tests of behaviour – which certainly are their favourite activity. Since using their savvy to earn their feed seems to amuse them a lot.

These pages will tell you more about the work with our wolves and dogs. (On these pages you can/will find out more….)

In our Downloads you can also find a presentation about our handraising and the training with our animals: The WSC-Philosophy


  • Three little light coloured wolves snuggling with black Shima's head

    How do we run the nursing of baby-wolves and baby-dogs? Where do they live, what are they fed with and how at all did they seek us out, here in Ernstbrunn?        

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  • Training

    „Goodies“ and nerds
    Several trainers standing in the grass with several wolves to be trained

    Isn’t that a perfect “hand-shake”? Of course it is, because he has learnt it! Daily practising of the basic commands is a concentration-training between the animals and their humans!      

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  • Shima and Friederike Range lying side by side (each to the other) in a meadow
  • Wolves getting drugs through the fence

    Our animals are to be healthy all around and in good physical condition. Therefore we take a daily look on them, to see if they are fine and specialists come around in regular intervals.    

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