Wolf Dog Man

The story of a thousands-of-years old relationship

Since ever they people our myths and tales: wolves. They alway have been man's alter ego, companion and enemy, projection area and core in the development of human spirituality.  Kurt Kotrschal tries a comprehensive on experience and  scientific evidence based book about the ambivalent and multifaceted relationship between wolf and man.

The developmental history of the dog is newly unrolled and the question is asked, what distinguishes dogs from wolves.  That as comprehension basis to boost a fair handling between man and dog; out of the own experience with wolves and dogs and in a light tone.

Hopefully the book will contribute to the better understanding of our age-old fascination for the wolf, and at the same time to concede to the "best friend of man" , the dog that weight, that he deserves as our long-term companion.

The book is available in the well-assorted  booktrade or directly at the WSC or  can be ordered under shop@wolfscience.at, where the entire proceeds directly inure to the benefit of research.