Popular-scientific publications

Until now two books have been written by team members of the WSC, in which the Wolf Science Center is at least apparent.

  • Wolf Dog Man

    The story of a thousands-of-years old relationship
    Cover book Wolf Hund Mensch

    This book is a modern,  inspiring to read and enriched with own experiance, synthesis of the age-old relationship and common destiny between wolf, man and dog. The author - Kurt Kotrschal - is leader of the Konrad-Lorenz-Forschungsstelle, co-founder of the Wolf Science Center in Ernstbrunnand scientist of the year 2010.

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  • What do animals think?

    Fascinating examples from the animal kingdom

    A book by Friederike Range about the mental abilities of animals, being explained in a way that also laymen can get an insight. Furthermore many of the mentioned examples are really amusing.

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