Short-term research projects at the WSC

Often initiations or additions for long-term projects

Short-term projects run only a few months for the investigation of a small, very clearly defined aspect of a specific question.

  • Emotional commitment of wolves and dogs in cognition tests

    Heartbeat rates and variability in testsituations

    Heartbeatrates reflect netal committment and excitement. Principally easy to measure by jogging-belts (Polar).

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  • A dog and a wolf in comparison

    Available scientific data on the physical comprehension in dogs first are very rare and contradictory, second we do not know, whether their perfomance is comparable or worser than that of wolves. In this project we plan to find out more about it by the investigation of the physical comprehension in dogs with a new method. In comparison thereto the physical comprehension in wolves as well as their sensitivity to human social signs and non-social moving signs will be tested.

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  • Nanuk shall follow the demonstration of Zsófia and go around the fence

    This project concerns the animal-man-relationship and its influence on the learning behaviour of the dog. To recognize the evolutionary root of specific behaviour comparing studies with the wolf are executed as well. For best results and to enable a wide exchange of experience a close cooperation with the Department for Ethology in Budapest and the Department for Neurbiology and Cognition is hoped for.

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