General remarks on wolves

On these pages we collected general informations about the wolf (Canis lupus), which refer to the state of art in science.
There are only a few animals one is telling such a lot of half-truths about. we want to shine on this phenomenon from the view of the most recent findings. How why are we concerned in such different ways by this animal?

  • Status of the wolf

    Distribution and protection in Europe
    Landscape with the different populations of wolves in Europe

    Yesterday he was considered to be extinct, today he re-immigrates: Why the wolf expands in Europe again, where his populations can be found and how we can deal with that.

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  • Profile of the wolf

    Diversity in appearance and mode of life

    Here you get general infomations about the animal wolf, its biology, its role in the economic system its distribution but also how many burgers a day he gorges and why in our tales the wolf most often is the villain.

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  • Man and wolf

    A story with hick-ups

    Humans and wolves resemble each other much more than one would think. Both hunted and lived in complex social groups, both used the same habitats. In the course of thousands of years the wolf got many faces for the man: brother or enemy. Hunted and extincted. Or chosen as dog to be the most faithful companion.

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