Research at the WSC

Have you ever visited the Wolf Science Center in Ernstbrunn?
Then you will have seen, that we keep our wolves and dogs as packs in large enclosures. Perhaps you also had the chance to watch us working with the dogs and wolves in the research building amidst the park:
e.g. at a touchscreen-computer or performing training units.

Thus it's not about a "simply normal" keeping of wolves. First of all the Wolf Science Center is concerned with science and of course to get as objective as possible informations about wolf and dog and to provide the best possible life for our research partners.
But what does "science" actually mean?
Which aims do we want to reach?
And how do we employ our animal partners at it?

On the following pages you will read more about it and thus get an insight into our research. You can learn a lot aobut wolves and thus realize, how many question marks there still are, when we are talking about wolves and dogs and their relationships to us humans. In the years to come we want to try to find answers to these questions being conscious of the fact, that each answer will generate new questions.

  • Our scientific approach

    Intelligence efficiency and cooperation ability in wolves and dogs

    Why just wolves and dogs? What are the questions and aims? And why is the pack-keeping of the dogs an essential part of our work?

    Here is the explanation of our research approach, that makes as an unique institution worldwide.

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  • Raising & Training

    Developing a partnership
    Shima and Friederike Range lying side by side (each to the other) in a meadow

    How can you work with wolves, without coming into conflict between man and animal? And how can you achieve fun in science for both wolves and dogs? These pages will give you an insight into the raising of our animals and into the handling of our partners – being on par with them.

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  • Scientific tests

    The core of our work
    A V-formed fence serves as test set-up. The wolf can see a piece of meat being thrown to the other side

    Da unser Hauptziel am Wolfsforschungszentrum die Wissenschaft ist, verbringen wir natürlich auch sehr viel Zeit damit, unsere Wölfe und Hunde vor knifflige Aufgaben zu stellen. Hier finden Sie Erklärungen zu Tests, die 2–3 mal pro Woche durchgeführt werden. Zusätzlich gibt es aber noch eine Menge andere Studien – diese sind zum Teil schon unter Publikationen beschrieben bzw. werden dort nach und nach ergänzt.

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  • Two white wolves, a young one in the front and an elder one lying in the background

    Myths and tales created the image of the bad black wolf. But who ist the wolf in real? Here you will learn facts about the wold, his biology and his relationship to man.

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  • Ethogram

    The behavioural repertoire of wolves and dogs
    Two dogs and two wolves exploring the same place on the ground

    Here you find a summary of species-specific behaviors of dogs and wolves. There will be shown similarities as well as differences.

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  • Research projects

    Our mental and financial standing leg

    Research projects are very important for us: by the financial means we can employ doctorands and postdocs, who help us to follow up different questions. Here you find a list of our short- and longterm-projects.

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  • Publications

    Our flagship

    Publications - particularly in scientific journals - Veröffentlichungen – are the flagship of scientics. They give information about our work and our success. Here you will find all of the publications of th WSC and of our collaborators.

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