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The research blog summarizes all what happens at the "higher level" of the WSC - the research. Apart of the little day-to-day adventures big things happen and very often absolutely hidden. Here you can keep upt with our proceedings, scientific projects and announcements.

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  • A review of 2016

    (21.12.2016, Lena Schaidl)

    A very successful year is coming to an end and we would like to review 2016 together with you. 

  • Our Canadian pups Ela and Etu were be joined by three more young timberwolves yesterday. Maikan, Tekoa and Taima, two boys and one girl from Russia, were also born in early May, just like the siblings from Ontario.

  • Little big news: Welcome Ela and Etu!

    (21.05.2016, Esther Rudolph)

    Finally! After several weeks of hoping and waiting we're more than happy to welcome two new members to the WSC. Timberwolf pups Ela (female, "Earth") and Etu (male, "Sun“), from a Canadian zoo, moved in to their new enclosure today, where educated puppy-raisers are going to take care of them twenty-four-seven.

  • The first pair of wolves that had the chance to run together on the treadmill was two of our black, eight year old wolves Kaspar and Aragorn. Both can run singularly for more than two minutes on the running belt and we were curious to see how they would cope with the unusual situation of suddenly being together.

  • Publication of the Wolf Science Center on second rang among the Top 100 articlesi

    The article about the Canine Cooperation Hypothesis is among the 100 most read articles of the journal Frontiers in 2015 (22.01.2016, Lena Schaidl)

    Friederike Range's and Zsófia Virányi's article "Tracking the evolutionary origins of dog-human cooperation: the "Canine Cooperation Hypothesis" is among the Top 100 of the most read articles of the journal Frontiers in 2015.