Everyday matters from the life among dogs and wolves

Anectotes from the daily life among dogs and wolves: our students, trainees and collaborators cover the newest ongoings at the WSC.

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  • Thanksgiving dinner

    (02.12.2016, Nina Stalknecht)

    It was a very nice evening, with lots of laughter and very amusing topics of conversation ranging from work related conversations to convincing someone to move in with you because you actually want their dog.

  • Excursions to Vienna

    (21.11.2016, Sophie Beaurepaire)

    Something else really nice about the WSC is that it’s not so far from Vienna. As we are lucky enough to have a car, we are taking advantage of it! When the opportunity comes up, we are trying to organize some excursions to this great city. 

  • On the other side

    (11.11.2016, Monica Boada Maza)

    It’s hard to believe, that I am part of the Wolf Science Center (WSC) now. Not too long ago I was sitting in front of the computer, reading these diary entries just like you are doing right now. And now, here I am, on the other side, writing these lines with the howls of the wolves resonating in the background. How did I end up here? Well, this is my story…

  • The art of pumpkin carving

    Backstage of the Halloween-Special (03.11.2016, Lara Bernasconi)

    During this week, special carving tools and coffee were always present on the kitchen table. At the end of the week, satisfaction (and finger pain from long hours spent carving) was high…

  • It is worth it!

    (26.10.2016, Antonio Sarcuni)
    Kaspar and Aragorn with the heart rate belt and a collar with a recorder

    By now I have been here for more than two months, at the WSC, as part of the team. So many things happened, and it is so hard to reorganize my thoughts. I already had to say goodbye to people that I have met here. I already had to feel this feeling of separation. But here at the WSC emotions change rapidly, because here there are so many things to do, so many experiences to enjoy.