Everyday matters from the life among dogs and wolves

Anectotes from the daily life among dogs and wolves: our students, trainees and collaborators cover the newest ongoings at the WSC.

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  • Oxytocin


    In the weeks and months to come I will focus on reliably identifying the animals, observing them, reading up on the literature, and planning my tests. So, while there’s a lot more to my project than simply collecting pee, it is an essential part of it - so some of my colleagues have started to call it a PeehD ;) 

  • Soon...

    (10.03.2017, Esther Rudolph)

    The first signs are unmistakable. The Wildpark team is busy with preparations, our tour guide coordinator Christian calls for a meeting, the touristic calendar is getting more stuffed every day, and I have the feeling of a buzzing beehive inside my head.

  • Challenge accepted!

    (22.02.2017, Sabrina Karl)

    Since January 2017 I am working twice a week (among my dog trainer duties in the Clever Dog Lab) in the WSC to train the animals there – in detail 17 dogs and 17 wolves. So I was “borrowed” to support the WSC trainers in training the animals to …

  • WSC Excursion to Grünau

    (14.02.2017, Nina Stalknecht)

    Last week a two-day excursion to Grünau, the roots of the WSC, was organized for the people working at the WSC (staff, volunteers and students). The first day started with a welcome lunch, followed by a tour around the KLF (Konrad Lorenz …

  • Behind the scenes at the WSC

    (13.02.2017, Monica Boada Maza)

    Despite what our profile pictures in the social networks may suggest, our life as students at the WSC isn’t simply cuddling wolves. In fact, this is the last thing that we do and is a reward for all the hard work we carry out here. Apart from …