Everyday matters from the life among dogs and wolves

Anectotes from the daily life among dogs and wolves: our students, trainees and collaborators cover the newest ongoings at the WSC.

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  • My time at the WSC

    (02.04.2017, Laura Candelotto)

    I can hardly believe that it is already one month since I arrived here at the WSC. Time seems to pass at least twice as fast as in the rest of the world.

  • The adventure of staying at the WSC

    (24.03.2017, Jade Hagen)

    I have my own project where we are training the wolf puppies to walk on the treadmill with a human social support. We are also training some of the dogs. It is really cool to see how they react to the treadmill.

  • Oxytocin


    In the weeks and months to come I will focus on reliably identifying the animals, observing them, reading up on the literature, and planning my tests. So, while there’s a lot more to my project than simply collecting pee, it is an essential part of it - so some of my colleagues have started to call it a PeehD ;) 

  • Soon...

    (10.03.2017, Esther Rudolph)

    The first signs are unmistakable. The Wildpark team is busy with preparations, our tour guide coordinator Christian calls for a meeting, the touristic calendar is getting more stuffed every day, and I have the feeling of a buzzing beehive inside my head.

  • Challenge accepted!

    (22.02.2017, Sabrina Karl)

    Since January 2017 I am working twice a week (among my dog trainer duties in the Clever Dog Lab) in the WSC to train the animals there – in detail 17 dogs and 17 wolves. So I was “borrowed” to support the WSC trainers in training the animals to …