Everyday matters from the life among dogs and wolves

Anectotes from the daily life among dogs and wolves: our students, trainees and collaborators cover the newest ongoings at the WSC.

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  • Measuring inequity on the touchscreen?

    (15.05.2017, Lina Oberließen)

    In my study at the WSC I´m testing if wolves and/ or dogs prefer an equitable over an inequitable reward distribution. Using our specially designed touchscreen, animals can choose between different reward distributions by selecting one of two symbols. For each symbol animals receive two rewards which are delivered consecutively at two different reward locations. During training, the particular animal can go to both reward locations and eat the rewards. 

  • Impressions from a newcomer

    (13.05.2017, Viola Magierski)

    My first week as a newcomer in the WSC was very exciting. I quickly realized that the WSC is not exclusively about animals. As a student, you also get to know a lot of different people. People from different countries, with different life histories and with different pasts. All staff members are somehow different, but all have a common fascination: animals. I find this circumstance very interesting and it is very impressive how animal-human relationships also promote human-human relationships.

  • First steps ...

    (21.04.2017, Alexander Martzok)

    The aim of my own little scientific expedition to the WSC was to observe the behaviour of wolves close by. I have been interested in these animals for a long time but until now I got my knowledge about them only from documentations and popular texts. In my bachelor project I worked with desert locusts but after that it was time to make some new experience as a future behavioural- researcher. I wanted to work with canids that have fascinated me for so long. Although I have informed myself about the behaviour of canivores, I was still kind of trapped into the cliché of the wolf as a fearless hunter.

  • First Howl-Night of this season

    (13.04.2017, Sonja Bayreder)

    On Friday 7. April 2017 the Howl-Night season started again. As I was informed before, a Howl-Night will never be cancelled, unless the end of the world is imminent.

  • Nuru leaves for his new home

    (11.04.2017, Andrea Rieger)

    Nuru, the leader of our biggest dog pack, unfortunately has a serious hip dysplasia and has to undergo surgery in due course. As it won't be possible to re-integrate him into his pack, a private owner had to be found. One of our tour guides, Patricia, being an animal trainer herself, fell in love with Nuru and decided together with her husband to give him a new home.