Everyday matters from the life among dogs and wolves

Anectotes from the daily life among dogs and wolves: our students, trainees and collaborators cover the newest ongoings at the WSC.

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  • The birth of the inference test

    (21.10.2015, Michelle Lampe)

    Nature is unpredictable. We try to shape her, to tame her, to make her the way we want her to be. In biology, there’s a constant battle between scientists and Nature. We are bedazzled by her beauty and driven by an insatiable hunger to understand her. That includes all living creatures. For the people at the Wolf Science Center, that would be wolves and dogs in particular

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

    (13.10.2015, Inga Kostelnik)

    When I was accepted for a scientific internship at the WSC to perform my master thesis , it was one of the greatest things ever happened in my life. My dream of being able to work with wolves and dogs was about to become true.

  • My first weeks at the WSC

    (08.09.2015, Noémie Despraz)

    For my project, which will normally start next week, I will work with wolves and dogs. My goal is to test their pro-sociality. 

  • Wolf-Human Relationships

    (20.08.2015, Jonas Schwarz)

    Only in retrospect the change in behavior towards me that happened over the last few months becomes noticeable. Those wolves, for instance, who hardly lifted their head at the first day when I tried to call them, got quite fast accustomed to my voice and at the moment I call them, all of them come, of course only when they are in the right mood to do so. 

  • Working with the treadmill

    (12.08.2015, Daniela Fiedler)

    The purpose of the treadmill is to simulate the collaborative hunt for prey. Wolves cover large distances to find suitable prey. Most of the time these distances are covered by the whole pack in a jog.