Everyday matters from the life among dogs and wolves

Anectotes from the daily life among dogs and wolves: our students, trainees and collaborators cover the newest ongoings at the WSC.

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  • Short holiday for my head

    (09.06.2016, Lars Burkert)

    My stay at the WSC for my master’s thesis is coming to an end. I have barely four weeks left and everything is becoming a bit more hectic. However, I’m trying to keep my cool even under pressure. I will not finish my work (which consists mostly of checking, sorting and organizing data - hopefully so nobody never ever has to do this again) any faster when stressed. It is quite an exhausting task given the time frames and recent breaks have been a welcome opportunity for me to recharge my batteries.

  • New recruits at the WSC

    (24.05.2016, Sylvain Palma Jacinto)

    I'm starting my last month of internship at the WSC and it's not going to be the quietest one. There are two reasons that can explain that ...

  • Until the end of the dream

    (18.05.2016, Camille Basin)

    When I started this internship nearly five months ago, I didn’t realize that time would fly by like this! In a few weeks, I am leaving the big family of the Wolf Science Center to return to my normal French life. I will have very fond memories of everything and everybody:  the dogs, the wolves, the trainers, the students, the howl nights, the social nights, my testing time… and I’m going to miss all of that a lot! I even miss my tests, which are now completely finished since 2 weeks! It’s now so strange for me to help the other students to start with new experiences, it’s like a loop that never ends.

  • Spring is here!

    (29.04.2016, Lena Jeanson)

    Some of the birds can be observed really well during our tests. The clever animals know exactly when they can come close and follow their favourite occupation: in unattended moments, they steal pieces of dry food and sausage out of the food bowls. If we sit very still and do not move, they come as close as a meter, cheekily pick a piece and fly away. Or at least they try. Sometimes, they choose a piece that is almost too heavy for them to carry and they only fly a short distance before they have to drop it. And finally we know now why we have the same blackbird couple around us almost every day: they built a nest directly on a shelf in between two wooden fences and now 3 little blackbird chicks have hatched!

  • First test trials

    (23.04.2016, Dennis Vink)

    I’ve only been at the WSC for three weeks, and already it feels like home. These first weeks I’ve been getting to know the people, the animals, working protocols and my way around the park. Furthermore, now that I’m completely settled in my storage-, bathroom-, fridge- and freezer-shelves, and with an endless watch-list of movies for our “home-cinema”, returning to the WSC house feels like coming home. Even after my first weekend visit back in the Netherlands.