Everyday matters from the life among dogs and wolves

Anectotes from the daily life among dogs and wolves: our students, trainees and collaborators cover the newest ongoings at the WSC.

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  • Of course, the wellbeing of the animals is prioritized over any test. Therefore, when we see that it is too hot for an animal to participate in the test, we stop immediately. An interesting scientific finding earlier this week was that when it’s 33 degrees, Hudson Bay wolf Kenai does not seem to care pulling a string to obtain lukewarm sausage. 

  • Pack visits at the WSC

    (23.06.2016, Corinna Kratz)

    The greatest gift the trainers can give the students is contact with the wonderful animals living at the Wolf Science Center. Every week, they try and make it possible for us to visit a wolf pack and a dog pack and spend some times with the animals. Every student needs to stick to certain rules to ensure that the animals feel comfortable with us around. Each enclosure has a certain area where we are to stay while the animals decide whether they want to come close and have contact or keep their distance. Either way it is amazing to be so close to the animals.

  • Saying Goodbye is hard

    (20.06.2016, Anna Griebler)

    When I started my internship in the beginning of November I thought that nine months are a long time. Well I probably thought wrong, because only one and a half months are left. I can remember my first day, because I thought that I would never remember all the names of the animals and employees.

  • My life as a puppy raiser

    (13.06.2016, Rike Zenth)

    „They are upright, both ears! “ That´s the first thing I noticed this morning when I entered the puppy house und little Etu bounced towards me, to say hello. I take some minutes to cuddle and play with him before I put away my stuff. I have quite a lot with me- some freshly laundered bed sheet, my toothbrush, pyjamas and the rest of last night´s dinner- You will have guessed that I spend a bit time here with the puppies J

  • Short holiday for my head

    (09.06.2016, Lars Burkert)

    My stay at the WSC for my master’s thesis is coming to an end. I have barely four weeks left and everything is becoming a bit more hectic. However, I’m trying to keep my cool even under pressure. I will not finish my work (which consists mostly of checking, sorting and organizing data - hopefully so nobody never ever has to do this again) any faster when stressed. It is quite an exhausting task given the time frames and recent breaks have been a welcome opportunity for me to recharge my batteries.