Why do wolves howl and dogs bark

(22.11.2017, Stefan Stumpfel)

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It is now already one month since I arrived here at the WSC and I am enjoying it to have the chance to see wolves every day.  

My big interest for dogs and wolves started already in my childhood, therefore I am grateful that I had the opportunity to grow up with dogs. Since I have read the books from Erik Zimen, it was quite clear for me that I want to study the behaviour and communication of wolves and dogs. It is fascinating to look at the special relationship between wolf/dog and human which exists already for such a long time and the changes dogs have undergone during domestication to adapt to humans. All these thoughts led me straight to the WSC.

So I am very glad that I got the opportunity to conduct my master project at the WSC. Within the scope of this project I want to compare vocalization of wolves and dogs and how they broadcast context or emotional states. By doing this I want to try finding an answer to the question: Why do wolves howl and dogs bark?

I have already been able to do some test-recordings, mainly with Nanuk, and got some really nice howls. I am looking forward to spending another five informative and exciting months among wolves and dogs at the WSC.