Great adventure

(14.09.2017, Angelika Rauter)

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I am at the WSC for nearly half a month, now. It feels like I have arrived yesterday. The time passes rapidly. My settling-in period is almost drawn to an end.

Nevertheless the first step is always the hardest... new surroundings, new faces, new names... it's hard to remember all the names but it gets better and better every day.

I am a animal keeper helper at the WSC. Sort of “odd-job woman”, which means I am helping with every test, keep all the animals in conjunction with the trainers and I have to do the cleanings (like every member of the WSC) .

What is fascinating for me, is that although wolves are close relatives of dogs they are completely different. All these various levels are under examination here. I love to see the results and new insights.

The best experience for me till now was the pack visit at Ela and Maikan (two of the five youngest wolves). Ela loves petting exactly as well as my dog Timon. She shows best that wolves in real life are not the same creatures as they are represented in fables.

I am looking forward to my future cooperation with WSC and will be glad to gather exciting experiences.