The Chocolate Lady

(11.07.2017, Lina Oberließen)

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The Chocolate Lady is a living legend here at the WSC and has been sweetening the life of trainers and students for many years.

She is a legend because only few of us have ever seen her, and even fewer know her real name. Nevertheless, she is an elementary part, one could say the good spirit of our life at the WSC because a large load of cookies, chocolate, and various snacks regularly reaches our office in the test house.

Most of the time the hand-over takes place in the wild park, unnoticed to the students. During my 10-months-long stay at the WSC I only observed this secret ritual once. The sweets were protected from curious onlookers in a non-transparent plastic bag.

I think all my colleagues would agree that there is nothing better than entering the office after an exhausting test or after cleaning the wolf enclosures for hours and being welcomed by masses of chocolate. Any stress disappears in a sugar-induced wave of dopamine and other hormones of happiness. The monotonic crispy noise calms body, mind, and nerves.

We want to thank the Chocolate Lady for this awesome and generous support because one thing is certain: even if our wolves and dogs are not always food-motivated, for us bipeds this is definitely the case.