When in need of help at the WSC

(29.09.2016, Dennis Vink)

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Lately, I’ve ended up in a couple of situations in which I really needed the help of others. I really don’t like being in this position, because it makes me feel less self-sufficient. But when you do happen to end up in such a situation, I have found out that the WSC is a great place to be. 

The first one was, when Corinna and I needed to have extra testing time in order to finish collecting our data in time. The trainers all jumped in and squeezed in as many tests as possible to help us! The second one was when my grandma became ill, and I wanted to extend my visit back to the Netherlands to help out. The managers agreed to let me stay an extra week in the Netherlands (despite not having any holiday-days anymore), and in return I would stay one week longer at the end of my internship. Although this was inconvenient because of the understaffed Howl-Night that had to be organized, everybody just wished me the best with my grandma.

The third situation was this week, when I became quite sick myself. I felt really bad becoming sick right after being in the Netherlands for almost 2 weeks, but everybody took such great care of me. All the other students took over my duties such as cleaning the kitchen and opening the shop (as I was the standby student on my sick day), even doing my own test for me! They constantly asked how I was, and even brought me tea. Unfortunately, I had to skip on the daytrip the students took to Grünau, but hey, at least they brought me back a rock from Grünau so that I at least felt like I was there a little bit! 

I really appreciate all that the people here at the WSC have done for me. It is great to be in an environment where it is so natural to jump into the aid of others when they need it, as it sure makes you want to return or pass on the favour! Now that my time here at the WSC is quickly coming to an end, I am increasingly starting to appreciate the small things that I secretly love about this place. The mindless banter we have among the students is definitely one of them. 

Thank you all for making my time at the WSC a success!