Finally new wolf pups in Austria

A comeback after 100 years (13.09.2016, Alexandra Kassis)

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Hooray, is my first reaction. I feel great satisfaction and happily look at pictures of wolves. Although I can see wolves every day here at the WSC, this is really good news and it makes me jump into the air with joy.

Wolves became extinct in Austria in 1982. Pressure of farm animals, fewer natural prey (capricorn, deer, roe deer), and the reduction of the wooded area all added to their disappearance. Since then only migrating wolves have passed through Austria, but now a family of this shy animal have apparently settled down again. Many paws jump around on the military training ground of Allentsteig, a place of 15.000 hectares used by the army for nature management. For the moment the estimation is: 2 pups, but we can’t be sure yet.

And this at a distane of only 100 kilometers from the WSC. Our joy is enormous. The army even protects the wolves, which is very positive. I hope it will keep hunters away from approaching my dear animals.

Different comments in the internet let me waver between despair and merry hope.

Fenstergucker: “My dog will be shot without leash in the forest. What about wolves, which are no different and are certainly waiting for prey?”

Karli 24: “Don’t want to encounter them when camping or hiking, especially not a hunting pack - sorry!”

Ironic comment by gallergiker: “By all means, dress them in red reflective vests labeled werewolves (lol), otherwise they will be shot as poaching dogs.”

Frightening how our first-world society meets the wolf.

I wonder how the authorities and the population will deal with the situation. I hope for a new start and for advanced measures to ensure a common future with the wolves.