We have several photographers actively supporting us with their passion.
We owe them spectacular picture motivs for ouf shop-products and varied impressions of our animals on this homepage.

Here you get the possibility to load down a fine selection of these pictures!

Please, be sympathetic about the fact, that we provide these photos only for non-commercial use. In case of interest of further use and higher quality please contact the particular photographer:

Peter Kaut

  • Portrait of Shima

    Portrait of our black she-wolf Shima Photo: Peter Kaut

    Shima was born in 2008 in Herberstein and therefore our first she-wolf. She has grown dear to us and always looks cool. She's simple a very expressive animal.

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  • Una and Amarok - at the age of 2 months

    Portrait of our black she-wolf Shima Photo: Peter Kaut

    Una and Amarok are 2 of our puppies, who in 2012 came from the USA to us here in Austria. They were about 2 months old, when this picture was taken.

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  • Tala, Kay and Wamblee - 4 months old

    Two 2 month old puppies standing together, one puts his head on the back of the other Photo: Peter Kaut

    The three little rowdies were about 4 months old, when the picture was taken. Wamblee and Kay are from Canada and Tala from the USA. All three came in may 2012 to us and have eased our daily routine.

  • Chitto and Tala - 7 months old

    Three 4 months old puppies stand on several trunks Photo: Peter Kaut

    Chitto and Tala are two of our wolves, who came from Minnesota in 2012. In this picture they are a bit older than 7 months. They are together in a pack with Kaspar, Shima and Aragorn.

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  • Shima and Kaspar howl together

    The two wolves Chitto and Tala standing side by side under the trees (in the colours of autumn) Photo: Peter Kaut

    Shima and Kaspar are the alpha pair of our eldest pack and very often howl together.

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