Beauty in grey

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Gender Female
Date of birth 02.05.2009
Origin Triple D Farm, Montana, USA
siblings Geronimo
Pack Geronimo Pack;
together with Geronimo & Wamblee

On one hand Yukon is really cuddly with her care givers but on the other hand she does not appreciate to be petted by strangers. However, our generous Lady Yukon is happy to give her paw to strangers if she is getting a reward for it. Yukon is a huntress, already as small puppy of only a view weeks she was catching mice. Yukon is an extremely agile she-wolf and she loves it to run and play with her pack members. 

Yukon …

... appearance

Yukon shows a remarkable colouring of her coat, that got lighter over the years, and pretty, slanting eyes - exactly like her brother Geronimo. Her distinct feature is the hair whorl on the bridge of her nose, i.e. a small spot with the hair growing in the opposite direction.

... with conspecifics


Yukon is an extremely friendly and open she-wolf. She is always ready to play and have fun (sometimes also on costs of other group members) with her pack mates. At the moment she is living together with her brother Geronimo and Wamblee, he is a bit younger male. She loves the two males a lot and is building a “bridge” between them, they are not yet trusting each other completely.

... at learning and in interaction with us

Yukon is cooperative, uncomplicated, and in most cases ready to learn something new or to participate in tests.

During the morning greeting she is almost always the first animal at the fence, to ensure that she is not missing the petting. If she is really happy to see a well-known human or one of the raiser dogs, she often takes a stick into her mouth and is caring it through the whole enclosure while she is happily wagging her tail. 

... as puppy

Since ever Yukon has been a brave, little girl. She drank from the bottle without any problems and was the first one of the three younger wolves, who started to play. And she sucked at our fingers to fall asleep!