A natural born leader

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Gender Female
Date of birth 04.04.2012
Origin Minnesota Wildlife Connection, USA
siblings Amarok
Pack Tala pack;
together with Chitto

Tala took over the pack lead from Shima already at 10 months of age. In the beginning it was a challenge for her, but today she is leading quite confidently. Still from time to time it is important for her to clarify who’s  boss.

After 4 years, Tala had to leave the black pack and together with Chitto established her own. In 2016 Tekoa and Taima joined them and they all are quite close now. Unfortunately, the two Youngster were not so easy manageable as probably thought in the beginning. Therefore, we had to separate the four of them already in summer 2017.

Tala …

... with conspecifics

Tala is quite assertive in her interactions with lower ranking animals and displays her dominance over them every now and then. With Chitto she likes to play tag a lot, but nevertheless shows him quite clearly that she is the boss in the pack. During bad weather, Tala loves to curl up in the straw with the rest of the pack.

... at learning and in interaction with us

Tala is often not the most motivated animal during testing. When she dislikes a particular test or fails several times, testing sessions can get pretty long. However, she can be quite focused and motivated when she enjoys an experiment. 

... with strangers

Generally, Tala doesn’t have any problems with strangers and unknown objects. At pack visits she is always one of the first ones to greet and sniff on new people in the enclosure and she is also fond of being petted. Though, often it depends on the weather and her mood how long she is staying with the group. At midsummertime, it can happen that she is too hot after a couple of minutes and prefers to lay in the shade and sleep.

... at the vet

Despite Dr. Buchmayer’s kind treatment, Tala doesn’t like her and shows fear behavior towards her. Without any history of negative experiences with the Dr., we suspect that she adopted this behavior from Aragorn.

... as puppy

The beautiful wolf with a dark mask and bright chin is Tala Eristoff, Amarok’s sister. She literally throws herself on anything that moves. Adventure! The most brave and curious of them all is also always the hungriest of all. Even when the bottle was empty and her belly ready to explode, she still wanted more. When the adults are howling, she is the one who always howls back. She loves the big wolves!