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Gender Female
Date of birth 4th May 2016
Origin Russia
siblings Maikan, Tekoa
Pack About us;
together with Tekoa

Taima is our second female from the wolf puppy generation of 2016. She is a gentle one if getting in touch, but she is still shy and prefers to observe what's happening from a little distance.

Taima …

... appearance

She is our only black wolf from the last generation and as an adult she became a smaller one, about half the size of our biggest wolf, Aragorn. But she is our only black wolf, who has a white mark: on her chest, a small star-shaped white spot (her white puppy eyebrows turned into black). All these features make her very easy to recognize.

... with conspecifics

Until Taima was about a year old, she lived together with Tala, Chitto and Tekoa. She felt completely comfortable in the pack, nicely submitting to the two adults, but she was dominant over Tekoa. But what you already could see in the puppy pack was, that she has a really strong will towards the other wolves. Therefore, it was not such a big surprise, that she and her brother Tekoa wanted to climb up the hierarchy already quite early. Due to that we needed to separate the 2 “little” ones from Chitto and Tala to restore the peace again.

She can be seen playing a lot together with the rest of the pack and when it comes to shifting them from one enclosure to the other she eagerly moves with the flow.

... at learning and in interaction with us

She is one of our shyer wolves. When it comes to do any testing, she needs the time to check out the situation or the object at paw, but when she is sure that nothing can happen and there is no stranger in the picture than she is eager to work and to solve the given test. She is also very smart, learns everything very quickly.  With the people she knows she is very gentle and she is happy to be with them, often rolling on her side for a belly scratch.

... with strangers

She is fine to meet strangers during our pack visit, where she has the whole enclosure to choose her distance and also the social support of her pack mates. She greets the strangers gently and stays around for short scratching sessions. On the paid walks she does not feel completely comfortable just yet to face the walk alone, therefore she always has a hand raiser dog for company. Then she is really good. 

... at the vet

Her relationship to the vet is a delicate one, but gets better and better as they have regular walks together when the vet is here to do her weekly routine visits. These walks help Taima a lot to overcome her fear and thus we can gradually build up the usual routine check-up situation.

... as puppy

Taima is the only black pup this year. Her dark fur has clear light marks, like the white spot on her breast or her white eyebrows. Thanks to her big ears, she’s already been called “bat” or “batgirl”.

In comparison with the others, especially Ela and Etu, Taima is smaller and dinky, but she has no problem at all to assert herself against the bigger pups. Her courage is making up for her size. When the others are battling over a rabbit, Taima can be seen jumping into the crowd and disappearing with the biggest part of the prey.