Our black nerd

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Gender Female
Date of birth 04.05.2008
Origin Herberstein
siblings Aragorn
Pack Black pack;
together with Aragorn & Kaspar

Shima is very intelligent. Not just when it comes to cognitive abilities, but especially when dealing with people (who are sometimes really difficult to understand...).

She works in a sweet and careful way with her trainers and wants to execute the commands perfectly. Gently she takes the treat out of your hand. Her look full of understanding...

This she-wolf has wrapped everyone around her finger.

Shima …

... with conspecifics

Shima is the companion of Kaspar and you also could call her the "alpha-wolf-bitch". She has an intimate relationship to both of the males in the pack. During walks she often stops, looks back and starts her melancholic howl

In the pack she's able to calm down Kaspar very well, if he lookes stressed. They take a lot of actions together, very often acompanied by Aragorn.

... at learning and in interaction with us

Black, smart, quick. Concerning the cognitive abilites of our animals, the female in the black pack is the "wolf par excellence". Shima reached the "Numerical Competence"-level at the the touchscreen, i.e.: Shima seemt to be able to count. And that extremely speedy.. 

At work she can concentrate the longest. And she wants to do everything without mistakes. 

She's unbeatable in learning new commands, owns an outstanding intelligence and can be easily motivated. That's why she's our "agility-wolf", too. She climbs the highest objects with an incredible self-confidence and also is able to balance on very narrow ridges.  What you have to train step by step with most of the dogs, Shima simply does.

But these properties and abilities sometimes make working with her difficult: for one thing she's quickly bored and for another thing she know's after 1-2 attempts how the wind blows. Being younger she encouraged on this whim the others to make nonsense, i.g. to open the door to the pantry. 

... as puppy

Concerning the interaction with us, Shima was and still is the most cooperative she-wolf.

Enthusiastically she took part in our first training units and always was the first one in the testing room. Even being a puppy she worked highly focused and attentively and constantly tried to find out, what we want her to do. Even then she was incredibly quick and succesful in learnint - thus she soon was the one, who has learnt most of the tricks.

As a puppy shima was shy against new persons and objects. But after a time she gathered all her courage and went - cautiously scouting from behind our backs - towards the unknown. The intimate relationship of our wolves was obvious the best at her. Only seldom she examined new objects on her own, but as soon as one of her trainers marvelled the object, she followed him - with caution but also with interest.

Since ever she's crazy about walks, but previously only then when not accompanied neither by a filming team nor by guests.

Though we were able to provide security, independence was very important for her. You never ever could force her - with snarling she showed immediately that she didn't want to do something.

When little Shima was about 4 weeks old, we thought that the domestication starting she-wolf could have looked like her. She liked it the best to be in the hands or on the lap of us and did not spare effort and energy to crawl out of the basket and to leave her fellows behind!