Our cuddle wolf

Nanuk takes it easy Photo: BBC Image 1 of 6 Open lightbox

Gender Male
Date of birth 28.04.2009
Origin Triple D Farm, Montana, USA
Pack Nanuk Pack;
together with Una


Nanuk is lying satisfied in the shadow. Now and then he glances up to the birds or looks around with a tilted head. Mostly he is incredibly relaxed, as long as no one provokes him.

Nanuk …

... appearance

Nanuk is a tousled, pale and impressive wolf. Very often he tilts his head like asking, thus giving him a very friendly look. Frequently glancing upwards he appears to be a birdwatcher.

... with conspecifics

Nanuk is a real leader type. Even when he was together with the Americans in another pack, he was in charge. Though Geronimo provoked him time and time again anew, Nanuk defended his position insistently. For this reason the pack was splitted and Nanuk stayed some time alone with his honey Yukon.

Unfortunately, also this constellation was not lasting forever. Therefore, at the moment Nanuk builds a pack only with Una together. Sometimes it seems as if Nanuk would still miss his harem with Una and Yukon. Anyway, he is still acting really friendly whenever he sees Yukon in a distance, given that Geronimo, his old enemy, is not close to Yukon. In this case the rivalry is more important than the old friendship.

Out of the breeding season, sometimes it seems as if Nanuk and Una don’t care about each other much. But if one is taken out without the other, there is a lot of howling and sometimes it needs some persuasion to convince the one on the leash to come with us. However, if we managed to pass the home enclosure the surrounding is much more interesting and for a while the partner is just a side issue.

Sometimes, Una is also a little too wild for Nanuk when she just thinks about playing roughly. But sometimes he turns back into a puppy as well and he runts and raves through the enclosures with her.

Is it about food, the friendship ends and everyman for himself. However also this the both of them have in common.

... at learning and in interaction with us

There's no doubt about Nanuk being a smart wolf. How nice could it be, if he would come into the testing room without any silly games and hesitation! 

If he's not just testing the patience of the trainers, he treats us humans very nicely. This is due to the fact of being hand- raised from his very first days.  Stellt er nicht gerade die Geduld der Trainer auf die Probe, ist er sehr lieb zu uns Menschen. Das rührt daher, dass er schon seit seinen ersten Tagen von Hand aufgezogen wurde. He loves to be stroked and sometimes he even distributes little kisses.

... with strangers

Unfamiliar objects sometimes give him the creeps. The reason therefore could be that he cannot see properly on one eye. His devise is to be afraid in the beginning, just to be on the safe side. If it doesn’t move there is still time to go closer and have a look. However, things above his head are always creepy, doesn’t matter if known or unfamiliar.

He probably has the least problems with strangers. Quite the opposite, his favourite game is it, to scent roll in people. After shave, washing powder, sun cream, and so on, all of that are really interesting smells he wants to have on himself. That’s why he puts his back into it and gives everything to scent roll vertical in the people. They on the other hand have to take care that they are not falling over during that procedure.

... as puppy

Nanukhad real bad luck after his birth. His mother did not want to raise neither him nor his brother. Thus he had to be fed with the bottle from the very beginning.

Therefor he highly appreciated the presence of his humans. To get onto the lap of his foster parents - it was simply better to sleep there - he got used to claim for this privilege with insisting howling.

The second misfortune in the life of Nanuk was an inflammation of the middle ear. It healed well, but left behind a visual impairment. He remediates now this defect of sight by tilting his head.