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Gender male
Date of birth 4th May 2016
Origin Russia
siblings Taima, Tekoa
Pack Maikan Pack;
together with Ela & Etu

Maikan is a dapper and highly motivated wolf, whose affection towards his caretakers is only surpassed by his affection towards his pack.

Maikan …

... appearance

Maikan developed into the biggest and strongest of our three “Russians”. He is a very handsome male sporting an evenly fallow coat. His beautiful brown eyes catch everyone’s attention.

... with conspecifics

He loves his pack to bits and consequently detests being separated from them. It’s a small surprise that reunions are always joyful.

Being the head of his small pack he takes confidence in his leadership and does not need to assert himself at every opportunity. Then again, his position is never questioned anyway.

His generosity does know boundaries, when it comes to food for example. Every now and then he tries to snag Ela’s and Etu’s food – with varying success, especially with Etu. 

... at learning and in interaction with us

Maikan developed nicely and loves to be with his caregivers. During training he is very attentive and always motivated to participate. Occasionally we have to be careful of our fingers, because he sometimes forgets to be careful when taking treats from our hands.

Sometimes the little whippersnapper can be two-faced, going from eager to work for treats to very anxious, especially in unfamiliar situations. If that happens he needs to take his time to figure out that whatever scares him does not actually pose a threat. 

... with strangers

In general he approaches strangers with a certain curiosity and open-mindedness, coming closer to take a sniff or give his paw when a trainer asks him to. He enjoys cuddles only under certain circumstances, which is why we ask guests to refrain from stroking him unless the trainer gives their OK.

Objects are tricky. If they are familiar he is perfectly fine with them, but he needs time to get used to new ones. They scare him easily – like a pumpkin for example. It took him quite a while to come to terms with its existence.

... at the vet

It can get overwhelming for him at times, but with some patience and a lot of food he plays along quite nicely. 

... as puppy

Maikan was the bravest of our three “Russians” and the one who settled into his new home the fastest. His leadership ambitions showed quite early, so he wasn’t always very gentle with his pack mates. One fateful day they had enough and ganged up on him – from then on he was as meek as a lamb. Well, mostly. He was still energetic and downright impish at times.

He always made it very clear when something wasn’t to his liking, but as he got older he became more even-tempered. He used to be a real rascal and played a big role in destroying the mattress in the puppy house, but then he also couldn’t help it and always wanted to sleep in body contact with his humans.