White bear

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Gender Male
Date of birth 01.04.2010
Origin Parc Safari, Kanada
siblings Wapi
Pack Amarok pack;
together with Amarok


Kenai is a happy, big, white wolf  with the character of a dog. He is even friendly towards strangers; no wolf is as calm and care-free on walks as he is. His deep howls are unique and you can always distinguish it from the howls of the other wolves!

Kenai …

... appearance

Kenai is the little bit more dominant one of our two Hudson-Bay-wolves. He is distuingished form his white brother Wapi by his darker coloured back.

Though both meanwhile are fully grown, they haven't yet reached their mental maturity, apparent by their puppy-like hopping around and by the rapturous way in welcoming us humans.


... with conspecifics

Kenai and conspecifis is a quite comlicated topic and for some time he was our "problem wolf".

When he and his brother were integrated into the pack of Nanuk, they both started mobbing the she-wolf Yukon. In addition Kenai didn't bow  "correctly" do the pack leader Nanuk. In situations where Kenai should have shown submission he was stressed too much.
Therefore we took him out of the pack and started an integrationprogram for him. For the durance of one months he he had daily a meeting with Nanuk resp. Yukon alone. It was the aim to make him easygoing ba positive situations and he also should learn to bow to Nanuk.

After this month unfortunately rogresses were made only between him and Yukon but not with Nanuk. Kenai and Yukon played a lot together and dashed through the enclosure - with Nanuk he still was stressed and showed an ambivalent body language. 

In April 2012 a new pack was formed and Kenai was integrated into the Geronimo pack. From the very beginning he got along with Geronimo and showed clear submission, but no stress. Geronimo is good in handling Kenai and even shares many of his "privileges" with him, what Tatonga was not allowed to. And when Kenai is on a walk, he howls after him. He never did this before!

... at learning and in interaction with us

With his little more than two years he still is a bit jittery and impatient, but is easily learning and makes progress. Commands like "Stay" are still a challenge, at "learning set" is already super.

... at the vet

The normally thus human loving Kenai is sceptic with our veterinarian Mrs. Dr. Buchmayer. Lured by treats he approaches cautiously - but merely no physical contact!

... as puppy

Kenai was one of four puppies, who were born on April, 1st, 2010 in Parc Safar/Canada. While his smaller brother Wapi, his sisters Naaja and Ruby were greying even as babies, Kenai was dark-grey to black. Though he now is already shaded lighter (after all as a true Hudson-Bay-River wolf he should once be more or less white like his parents and siblings), the little chap was baptized Kenai what means "black bear".

Additionally to his colour Kenai lived really up to his name. Whereas his little brother belonged more to the category "cuddle wolf", Kenai often was really a little grumbler, showing not only to his brother but also to the raisers that something displeases him. Exactly true to the motto "with mummy you can get away with it" he came - with high lifted tail - galopping like a dashing rider, pulled the hair, bit into toes or fingers or whatever crossed his way and growling rebelliously.

With unknown persons he was at his best behaviour. Each new person was gushily welcomed with friendly tail-wagging and licking the face. As soon as the visitor had left, he got back to business as usual, i.e. sleeping, playing, frolicking.

It seemed to be a special fun for Kenai to attack his little sleeping brother from the ambush. He hopped onto the unsuspecting Wapi and bit him as long into ears or legs, until this woke up and tried to finish it by loudly growling. Then after a last total physical exertion both fell happily into a well-deserved nap. Thus they enjoyed their being puppies.