Everything under control

Kaspar's control look Photo: Walter Vorbeck Image 1 of 5 Open lightbox

Gender Male
Date of birth 05.05.2008
Origin Herberstein
siblings Tayanita
Pack Black pack;
together with Aragorn & Shima


... but control isn't everything!

The Alpha wolf of  the Black Pack is very observant, nothing escapes his gaze. But when he starts a passionate howl with Shima and Aragorn, or dozes of in the shadow closely to the both, you realize: it's not just about keeping control. He wants to protect his friends. He watches over his pack.

Kaspar …

... with conspecifics

Kaspar is – though smaller than Aragorn – the "chief" of the black pack. Being a control-freak he must keep his eyes on everything. Kaspar often stands between his pack and the fence, sharply watching the visitiors in front of it. Then - with his head bowed - he stares with his amber-coloured and a piercing glance at them. We call that the "Kaspar-Gaze" (Show Image/ 'slideshow 4') with the meaning "just so far and no further". Thus he's - supported by the fence - always successful, for usually visitors don't trespass his kingdom.

... at learning and in interaction with us

Kaspar is very good at cooperation and most often keen on working. At the "learning set" he darts - as soon as he is unleashed - towards the correct mold with the treat hidden beneath. He kicks the mold with a dash aside, takes the treat and comes back to the trainer.

One of our tests concerns the approach to new objects. The large red "Swiss Ball", feared by the dog puppies, is biten to death without hesitation by Kaspar. 

In the experiment to the question "how far do wolves comprehend mechanisms", he quite simply destroyed the box with a lot of odd levers to get the inside hidden treat.

Being younger, Kaspar only worked, when he was in the mood for it. Often he checked out whose staying power would last longer. But in his - very reserved - manner and without any touch of aggression. He just focused on the endurance. If we won, he was willing to work with us and to try hard. Then he ran rings around the other wolves!

... with strangers

Kaspar is a roller-coaster of emotions. On one hand reserved and shy against unknown persons, he can be extremely gentle and attached on the other hand. The latter, however, if he's the one who makes the contact, Otherwise he prefers to keep distance.

... as puppy

At the age of 4 weeks our smaller manikin in the pack decided not to stay little! He gorged and gorged - the whole time if possible. Therefore he gained quite a lot of weight in the first days, much than all of the others! 

The Black Pack in miniature size
Tiny Kaspar, Aragorn and Shima

Handling Kaspar was not always easy, he was a real wolf-nature. Nothing was simple or clear to him, he always had to think over the next step well and to see the advantage for him behind. Whatever happened around him, he kept a wary eye on it and only, if he was sure, that no one questioned his authority, he decided to cooperate.

No matter, wether it concerns playing, training and experiments or just taking a treat from an unknown person: he was very cautious, but yet very subtle.

He surprised us with his ideas. Working with him meant a lot of patience. it was the best practice simply to wait until he was willing to cooperate.

An example: He was about 6 months old, when he decided not to participate in the experiments any more. Nevertheless the treats were tempting and thus he came intp the testin groom again and again. But as soon as we wanted to start with an experiment, he suddenly lost his cincentration, ran to and fro or climbed on the tables and chairs, tried to bite through the door or to destroy the computer. 

We decided to wait, until he would stop and focus on us again - tow and a half hours later he was then willing to work with us. Since then he knows very well: Does he come into the room, he has to concentrate, too. Or he gets no treat!

Now he considers very carefully, whether he wants to go into the testing room. But once he has decided thereto, he cooperates enthusiastically.

He was and still is the only one, who regularly plays with our dogs, the others prefer to watch such games from the distance.