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Gender male
Date of birth 4th May 2016
Origin Canada
siblings Ela
Pack Maikan Pack;
together with Ela & Maikan

Etu is one of the three males from our wolf puppy generation of 2016. He is a curious fellow, who breeds out stupid ideas from time to time. He is always thinking of nibbling here, chewing there or if it might be a good idea to pull on that cord way over there. His curiosity is never satisfied. New people fascinate him and he loves to greet them by licking their face … or by trying to nibble on their shoes. One of his favourite things to do is putting his stupid ideas in his cute little sister’s head.

Etu …

... appearance

Like his sister Ela he has the typical Timberwolf coloration, which is mainly grey, mixed with some brown accents and dark coloured markings on the back, neck and face. He is quite an impressive appearance, with his big, bulky body and his massive paws. His eyes, which were blue-coloured for quite a while when he was a puppy, have now a greenish yellow tone.

... with conspecifics

Even though he is the biggest wolf in his pack, he is not the alpha male. He has not the strong-willed mind, which is necessary for an alpha position. He readily submits to Maikan whenever he get's pinned down by him. On the other hand, it is kind of a different story with his sister. He does not submit readily to her, but tries to steal her food from time to time. He gets less and less successful, since she is not giving in that easily to her big brother and he needs to watch out that Maikan won’t steal his food, while he is trying to get Ela’s.

... at learning and in interaction with us

Etu could be quite the clever wolf, but he is not that focused during the experiments. His curiosity paired with his restlessness is often in the way to successfully finish a test. He is also rougher than the other puppies when greeting us. He is quite a friendly wolf and always wants to lick ones face and, if the hairstyle is giving him the chance to do so, pull on the beard. He loves to do that! He is also trying to keep up a habit from his puppy time, pulling on shoe laces and nibbling on shoes, while we are trying our best to get rid of this behaviour.

... with strangers

As already mentioned, Etu, who is fascinated by new people, is in general a friendly wolf and most of the time well-behaving. Only his curiosity is planting stupid ideas in his head from time to time. Then he wants to check out a tempting shoe lace or an interesting belt a little bit more thoroughly, preferably by pulling and/or chewing on it.

... as puppy

Etu was the most curious and fastest growing puppy we had, which wasn’t a good combination, because he could reach stuff like blankets quite early and started to chew on them. Well, he chewed on everything. From time to time he woke up the trainers by chewing their mattresses or their hair. Like his sister, he wasn’t a high ranking puppy, even though he was always the biggest of them. On the one hand, he was and is quite the submissive character, and on the other hand, he grew too fast for his coordination to keep up. Therefore he was quite a clumsy puppy.