White & Beautiful

Cherokee stehend im Schnee Photo: Walter Vorbeck Image 1 of 3 Open lightbox

Gender Male
Date of birth 19.05.09
Origin Basel
siblings Apache
Pack The unforgotten;
together with Apache, Ela, Kay, Tatonga, Tayanita & Wapi

Cherokee died during an epileptic seizure on the 17th of January 2012.

He was the only light coloured wolf in the “black pack” and attacked everybody’s attention. He was beautiful not only in his appearance but also in his character. Although he was a little chiseler he was extremely friendly and patient with his care takers and also towards strangers he was open and friendly. We are grateful, that that this amazing animal was part of our life, we will never forget you!

Cherokee …

... appearance

As friendly Cherokee was with humans as friendly he was in the pack. Only if food was involved he was defending it like a devil. Together with his brother he was able to get the best and biggest meat pieces and they were helping each other to defend it. Unfortunately Cherokee suffered from epilepsy. Despite of his disease he was well integrated in the pack, and Apache as well as Aragorn took care that nobody came too close to him while he had a seizure.

Cherokee and Apache were extremely close. When Cherokee died Apache stopped howling and excluded himself more and more from the pack.