Our Wolves

Who's then howling there with whom?

Our wolves are Timberwolves. We get them from other reserves in Europe, America, Canada and Russia.

In order to let the wolves get used to people (in the wild, wolves tend to avoid humans), we raise the wolves ourselves. They come into our care at the age of 10 days old because their eyes are still closed at this age. When they open their eyes at around 12 days old, the first person they will see is their human godparents. And thus, according to Konrad Lorenz, the “imprinting” on the humans takes place.

In the first months of their live they receive around the clock care from us. When they are around 5 months old, they will be integrated with a adult wolf pack.

At the moment we have 7 packs with 2 – 3 wolves.

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