Tara Busser

July 2012
Contact tarabusser@hotmail.com
University CAH Dronten / The Netherlands
Favourite wolf tale On a Stormy Night (Ayashi no Yoru Ni).
Favourite animal at the WSC Kay

Arrivin at the WSC, I didn't know what would be my tasks.

Unlike the other students I had no project of my own. I came to the WSC, to get acquainted to new people and to gain new experiences. As I am good with computers I was a short-time computer specialist of the WSC.

I enjoyed the atmosphere at the WSC very much: the people are very nice and the wolves are relaxed in their large enclosures. I often was allowed to accompany the caretakers to the puppy enclosure, just for sitting there with the puppies and to relax. Or to watch their training - what was really fascinating.

Though I stayed only for one month at the WSC, I would choose Kay as my favourite. We had a pack meeting with the puppies at my last day at the WSC. And Kay, who is small in fact, but concerning food is very strong, brought me generously a dead mouse. Though I believe I was just "used" as a barrier to the other puppies, it was for me like getting a present.

I wanted to find some voluntary work with wolves for the summer and came across the WSC by link on the homepage of another wolfpark on facebook.. Immediately I thought: There you have to go. The training and the research drew my interest.

My favourite wolf story is " In a stormy night" (Ayashi no Yuro Ni). The fact to be friend no matter wherefrom you are, is a wonderful message. The story also tries to show, that the wolf is not that evil creature he still is believed; there is much more in these animals than one expects.

In the Netherlands I'm studying animal management and I'm now in my last year. Previously I learnt animal care. To work for and with animals is what I wanted to do since ever in my life.

The WSC is not the first wolf park I worked with. I also was in Portugal and in Spain. I had a passion for wolves as long as I can thing (and, of course, for their successors, the dogs as well) and I love to spend my holiday working with them.

To meet new people, to see various wolf parks and to learn, how they work and simply to gain nice experiences is the most beautiful in world!

I want to learn and discover even much more about wolves -  that's what makes me happy.