Sarah Marshall-Pescini

University University of Milan
Project at the WSC ERC Canine Cooperation’
Favourite wolf book “L’Occhio del Lupo” Daniel Pennac
Favourite animal at the WSC Tala , Nuru

I recently joined the WSC as a senior postdoc researcher and will collaborate on the canine coopration project studying various aspects of cooperation in wolves and dogs for the next 3 years. At the moment I am getting to know the dogs and wolves and I have no clear favourite… although Tala reminds me of my husky Tika… and Nuru of my golden retriever Mago so I am somewhat partial to them!

Before joining the WSC I had a postdoc position at Milan University where I co-founded a small dog cognition lab (the “Canis Sapiens Lab”) and supervised students on a number of projects mostly looking at social cognition in dogs ( ).

Before that I carried out my PhD (and my Psychology degree) at St. Andrews University (in Scotland) working on social learning in chimpanzees in Uganda. I’ve known Friederike and Zsofi for quite a few years and have followed the establishment of the WSC with great interest from a distance… I am now very excited to join the team and have the opportunity to study wolves and dogs from a comparative perspective.