Laura Wiebach

November 2012 - February 2013

It's great for me to get the chance to look a little over the shoulder of such a committed scientist like Kim Kortekaas and even to help her with one or the other thing! For example I assist her to prepare the training of the wolves, where they have to rund on a giant treadmill. Therefore each time tarps has to be hung up around the enclosure, for the animals must not be disturbed by external influences. Food for rewarding has to be cut and further more the whole training has to be filmed.

During this project I had more contact to some of the animals than to the rest, what results in my preference or Geronima. It's difficult to describe, but there is something special in his eyes, what is very likeable and fascinating  for me. And more over he's a really good looking wolf!

My favourite fairy tale is "The wolf and the seven kids", because when I was a child I had a vivid imagination of the wolf and was waiting everytime with excitement until he knocked at the door of the little kids.

I came across the WSC when a walk with a wolf was given to me as a present for my bithday. Since ever I was interested in wild animals, but from this day on the wolves had hooked me and thus I applicated for an intership, what I never regretted until now!