Isabella Faffelberger

Project at the WSC scientific intern, taking part in various projects
With us since October 2017
Favourite animal at the WSC all :-)

I am from a small village in the south of the woodquater, which forms part of lower austria. My parents are both vets and run a veterinary clinic there, in which I basically grew up. When I was a very small child my parents already told me the story of Konrad Lorenz, his gray geese and the bonding between the geese and him. I was very impressed and wanted to try it myself. Unfortunately it didn´t work out very well. A few years later they told me about the Wolf Science Center and I thought that I have to at least try it do an internship here. It makes me even happier now that it  worked out very well this time.

I study at the University of Natural Resourcesses and Life Sciences, Vienna and just finished my bachelor' s degree in Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture. Now I am going to start the master' s programme Wildlife Ecology and Wildlife Management at the same university. Here, at the WSC, I am working as a scientific intern, which means that I am assisting other students with their projects.

Stories about wolves and their relationships to humans have always been fascinating me. Films like "Balto", " Wolvesblood" or the books of Werner J. Egli had a very big impact on me. They even motivated me to write a book myself about a wolf - dog - human relationship but because I was not even a teenager at this time it turned out to be more likely a short story than a long novel, but my interest for this topic has never changed.

I find it very fascinating to be part of the WSC now and to take part in the research. Especially nowadays, where wolves are coming back into our cultural landscape, it is even more important to understand und to get to know our new neighbours.