Daniela Fiedler

March 2015 – September 2015
Contact dakotaofmajestics@googlemail.com
University CAH Vilentum Dronten
Project at the WSC Puppy Treadmill
Favourite wolf tale Der schwarze Wolf – Rebell im Yellowstone Park
Favourite wolf song Zwei kleine Wölfe
Favourite wolf book Der mit den Wölfen lebt
Favourite animal at the WSC Wamblee
Favourite howling Yukon
Favourite wolf film Balto (1995)

Hello, my name is Daniela Fiedler, I am from Germany. Because of my studies I lived in the Netherlands for 3 years. Given that I wanted to study neither biology nor veterinary medicine but still wanted to engage with animals the available study paths were few. In the end I chose to study at a university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. At the CAH Vilentum in Dronten I study “Animal Health and Welfare” (animal health and management). One half of this course deals with matters of animal health like diet, keeping, care and medicine. The other half is business management with classes in marketing, law, business studies and management amongst others. 

While I was searching for places where I could work during my abroad internship, I stumbled upon the website of the Wolf Science Center. Originally the internship was scheduled to last 8 weeks, which of course was too short to apply at the WSC. However, I liked the concept of doing research on wolves and dogs and kept it in mind. At the end of my studies when combined, my bachelors thesis and the internship gave me about 7 months of time, so I applied for an internship at the WSC. 

In the following 7 months I will work with Kim Kortekaas and Kurt Kotrschal as my supervisors. I will primarily help Kim with the experiments she conducts for her doctoral thesis. Her research is about the social physiology of wolves and dogs during a simulated hunt. For the experiments the wolves and dogs need to learn to run on a big treadmill. And this training will be topic of my bachelors thesis, for which I will analyze how well my group of animals can be trained to run on the treadmill. 

I am excited to find out what awaits me during this internship. What will I learn, how will my future be altered by it? In any case I expect to meet many interesting people and animals. Maybe this internship will give me an answer to what career to choose. I am ready to learn a lot and face every surprise that may come my way. 

On to adventure!