Sabrina Karl

Dog trainer / Research Assistant at Clever Dog Lab
University Martin-Luther-Universität Halle/ Wittenberg
Project at the WSC Animal training for taking saliva samples
With us since January 2017
Favourite wolf book "White Fang" (Jack London)

Ever since I was a small child, I always enjoyed being surrounded by animals. My first pets were guinea pigs and budgies. Since unfortunately I was not allowed to have my own dog, I walked all of the dogs of the neighbourhood. When I was 13 I finally got my first dog, a Gordon Setter. In 2008 I did a 2-month internship in a dog school in Berlin, and my family got the second dog, a Rhodesian Rigdeback. I have always loved spending time with my dogs and training them. I studied Diploma Biology (specialized in Zoology/ Ethology) in Germany. After my studies I worked as a dog trainer in the dog school in Berlin. In October 2014 I started my work at the Clever Dog Lab (Messerli Research Institute, Vetmeduni Vienna) to train dogs to participate in eye tracking studies. For this I trained more than 40 dogs to perform that special task. 
Since January 2017 I started to work twice a week in the WSC to train all animals to be able to voluntarily give saliva samples for scientific studies. Dogs and wolves are very interesting and fascinating animals and I look forward to working with all of them in the WSC. I really like all of the animals there - and still need to get to know them better - but so far Pepeo, Gombo and Enzi are my favourite dogs and Nanuk, Wamblee and Aragorn are my favourite wolves. Some howls of the wolves sound like funny chattering of birds or even monkeys, these I like the most. The most fascinating moments in the WSC so far were when I joined the wolf pack visit with Nanuk and even with three of the wolf puppies (Ela, Etu, Maikan) - it feels awesome to be so close to these wild and impressive creatures.